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The National Association of Mystery Shoppers is dedicated to providing the highest standards and ethics to improve the reputation of the mystery shopping community.


Member conduct reflects on everyone in the shopping community, and as a representative your actions and conduct will be a direct reflection on everyone. Maintaining these standards will further improve the integrity and professionalism that is highly sought after by the top mystery shopping firms.


All members must uphold the Shoppers Code of Conduct to the highest standards.


Confidentiality and Non-disclosure:


Shopping companies entrust shoppers with confidential information. 

Shoppers must never disclose nor divulged to any person, firm, corporation or other entity in any way - directly or indirectly the following without express written permission:


1. Shopping firms; means of doing business

2. Shopping firms; client list

3. Shopping firms; shopping fees and reimbursements

4. Shopping firms; data collection method and procedures

5. Shopping firms; scoring forms and scoring guides

6. Shopping firms; future plans

7. Shoppers will not disclose any shopping results, directly or indirectly with anyone other than the shopping firm that contracted them

8. Shoppers will not contact, for any reason, a shopping firms client without express written permission from the contracted shopping firm

9. A shopper should NEVER give away his/her identity as a Mystery Shopper, unless expressly told to do so by the shopping firm




Shopping integrity is the life blood of a shopping firm, often times it is the only thing that truly surrogates them from other companies.   It is imperative to maintain the highest levels of integrity and:


1. Shoppers will NEVER falsify or misrepresent reports

2. Shoppers will perform all shops with absolute honesty and integrity

3. Shoppers will perform all shops with fairness

4. Shoppers will perform to the best of their ability

5. Shoppers will adhere to all relevant national and international laws

6. Shoppers will behave ethically, and will never do anything which might damage the reputation of the Mystery Shopping Community.


Work Conduct:


1. Shopper will complete assignment on time and on schedule

2. Shoppers will notify Shopping Firm immediately if a shop cannot be performed as scheduled or if a shopper cannot perform a specific task, such as drinking a alcoholic beverage.

3. Unless other requirements are indicated, reports should be submitted ASAP after completing the assignment and must be submitted within 24 hours of completing the full assignment.

4. Shoppers will keep all relevant notes, information, and receipts or receipt copies for no less than 30 days after receiving payment for the assignment.

5. Shoppers must maintain a mean to which a shopping company can contact them concerning a shop report that is less than 5 days old; voice mail, e-mail, etc. should be checked at a minimum of twice a day. 

6. Shopping assignments can be subcontracted out, only with express permission and approval of the mystery shopping firm.


Report Accuracy:


1. Names and detailed descriptions are very important and add credibility to the shop reports. Without  a name and detailed description, a shopper has not done their job.

2. In addition to a name, shopper should also include a detailed description, just incase there is more then one employee with the name, Chris—(Male & Female). 

3. A detailed description should include: Gender, Age, Weight, Height, and any distinguishing features, such as glasses, tattoos, mustache, etc.

4. Description should never make an employee uncomfortable, of self conscious,  such as chubby, fat, heavy set, hairy mole on noise, etc.

5. All required times should be accurate within seconds. A digital watch is a must for shoppers. It is important that times be as close to the second as possible. Often times points could be lost if a shoppers time is less than 10 seconds off. Also, many businesses use video security and can monitor the shoppers accuracy, and often time they do.

6. Shoppers should always get a itemized receipt, should a purchase be necessary. It is acceptable to pay with a credit card on most visits, but the charge receipt usually does not have the detailed information that an itemized one has. 

7. For restaurant visits, shoppers should try to get a variety of products and you should try to purchase their flagship products unless specified otherwise.  Don’t order just 3 hamburgers at a Chinese restaurant.

8. Tipping. Most shopping companies will reimburse you for a reasonable tip, usually no more than 15% if the service is good. In general, find out what the limit and acceptable tipping allowance might be before doing the review.


The Shoppers Code of Conduct