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Chino Hills, CA

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Shopper Requirements

1. Ability to read and write; be able to articulate your experience clearly and with detail

2. Computer with internet access; preferable Window XP with Internet Explorer

3. Computer literate; able to send mail and retrieve e-mail attachments; scan Receipts

4. An email address that is checked frequently

5. Telephone or Mobile with answering machine/voice mail; checked frequently

6. Reliable Transportation

7. Digital watch, with a stopwatch features

8. Credit Card or Cash to make purchase during your assignment.

2. Digital Camera—5.0 Meg Pix or better

3. DV Camcorder

4. Voice Recorder

5. Palm Top / Smart Phone

Minimum Starting Point

Very Helpful

6. Workers compensation insurance

7. Business License

8. Private Investigators License

9. Access to Fax machine / Scanner / Printer

9. NAMS  Shopper Certification