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How To Get Assignments

1. If you are a new shopper, you can expect that a shopping company will give you their lowest paying least fun jobs to start with; after all someone has to do them.† Often times, it may be difficult to get opportunities to prove yourself if you donít take some of these low paying, rather lousy assignments. NEVER think that your shopping experience is as good as it gets. Shopping companies save their best assignments for their best shoppers. Shopping companies like to reward good shoppers with premium shop assignments. In other words, you might have to do a few McDonalds to get to the Golden Corral to get to the Olive Garden to get to the Waldorf.† A shopping company will not† trust you to do a Waldorf Hotel assignment your first time.† Establishing a history is key. Shopping companies generally start new shoppers off with convenience stores and fast food restaurants. Your performance on these assignments will determine if you receive more and advance to premium assignments.

2. Check your email frequently for assignments. Once you get an assignment offer, respond immediately. Some shoppers have e-mail sent directly to their cell phone, Blackberry or Palm Smart Phone and respond almost immediately to job assignments, greatly increasing their chances of† getting assignments. Shopping companies try to schedule shops as soon as possible. Those the respond quickly have a much better chance of getting the assignments.

3. If the shop assignment has a date range, such as the 1st-4th or due on by the 4th. Submit your request for the first day that the shop can be done, and complete the assignment.† For instance a shopping company give a block of time when the shop must be done, submitting your request to shop on the first day will increase your changes of getting the assignment. If you can complete the shop assignment on the 1st, you would mostly be chosen over someone that would complete it on the 3rd or 4th.

4. Complete the shop on the first day possible and get the report back to them that day, if possible. Donít wait for the last minute to do the shop óThings happen!

5. Be lucky, shopping companies realize there are lucky and unlucky people. Unlucky shoppers have a pattern of being unlucky. Their car is broken into, their brakes go out, their children have unexpected illnesses, family members die, their credit cards get lost, etc.†† They just seem to have a black cloud over them. Tenured Shopping companies can quickly spot out unlucky shoppers and they always steers clear of them for fear that they will rub off on them.

6. Be persistent, there are zillions of assignments and shopping firms are always hard pressed to find good, dependable shoppers. Lousy shoppers are a dime a dozen, but reliable, dependable, competent shoppers that compete jobs before the due dates and that provide clear, detailed, well written information are hard to find.

7. Get on a shopping companies Rapid Roster, ExpressLine, Front Line list. For a small fee, usually less than $25.00 you will be one of the first offered an assignment. Beware though,† if you goof up or donít do a great job, the company may not call you back.

8. Make sure you read all directions, and understand every item you need to inspect as soon as you are assigned the assignment. Donít wait until youíve arrive at the location to discover that you needed to order something youíre allergic to and itís the last evening the assignment could be completed.

9. Summary: Be ready, be willing, be dependable, do an excellent job every time and you will be a lucky shopper and shopping firms will use you time and time again.

Get The Best Assignments

Good writing skill are proper punctuation are critical for getting the best, most fun and highest paying shopping engagements.



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